Pictures of plants from my own collection    


Dracula agonisia

Dracula alcithoe

Dracula amaliae

Dracula andreettae

Dracula anthracina

Dracula antonii

Dracula astuta

Dracula barrowii

Dracula bella

Dracula bellerophon

Dracula benedictii

Dracula berthae

Dracula brangeri

Dracula carcinopsis

Dracula carlueri

Dracula chestertonii

Dracula chimarae

Dracula chiroptera

Dracula christineana

Dracula citrina

Dracula cochliops

Dracula cordobae

Dracula cutis bufornis

Dracula dalessandroi

Dracula dalstroemii

Dracula decussata

Dracula deltoidea

Dracula deniseana

Dracula dens-canis

Dracula diabola

Dracula diana

Dracula dodsonii

Dracula erythrocheate

Dracula erythrocodon

Dracula exasperata

Dracula felix

Dracula fuligifera

Dracula fuliginosa

Dracula gastrophora

Dracula gigas

Dracula gorgona

Dracula gorgonella

Dracula hirsuta

Dracula hirtzii

Dracula houttiana

Dracula immunda

Dracula inaequalis

Dracula insolita

Dracula tiricolor

Dracula janetiae

Dracula lafleurii

Dracula lehmanniana

Dracula lemurella

Dracula levii

Dracula ligiae

Dracula lindstroemii

Dracula lotax

Dracula maduroi

Dracula mantissa

Dracula marinii

Dracula marsupialis

Dracula mendozae

Dracula minax

Dracula mopsus

Dracula morleyi

Dracula navarroorum

Dracula nosferatu

Dracula nyctarina

Dracula octavioi

Dracula olmosii

Dracula ophioceps

Dracula orientalis

Dracula ortiziana

Dracula papillosa

Dracula pholeodytes

Dracula polyphemus

Dracula portillae

Dracula posadarum

Dracula presbys

Dracula psittacina

Dracula psyche

Dracula pubescens

Dracula pusilla

Dracula radiosa

Dracula rezekiana

Dracula ripleyana

Dracula robledorum

Dracula roezlii

Dracula saulii

Dracula sergoi

Dracula servera


Dracula simia

Dracula sodiroi

Dracula soennemarkii

Dracula smaug

Dracula spectrum

Dracula syndactyla

Dracula terborchii

Dracula trigonopetala

Dracula tsubota

Dracula ubangina

Dracula vampira

Dracula veleziana

Dracula velutina

Dracula venosa

Dracula verticulosa

Dracula vespertilio

Dracula villegasii

Dracula vinacea

Dracula vlad-tepes

Dracula wallisii

Dracula woolwardii

Dracula xenos
Natural hybrids

Dracula anicula

Dracula aphrodes

Dracula callithrix

Dracula hawleyii

Dracula incognita

Dracula kariniae

Dracula pinasensis

Dracula schudelii

Dracula sijmii

Dracula radio-syndactyla

Dracula rojasii

Dracula senex-furens
Nursery collect hybrids

Dracula circe

Dracula pileus

Dracula venefica
Special types

Dracula gigas alba

Dracula gorgona alba

Dracula hirtzii alba

Dracula sibundoyensis alba

Dracula dalstroemii yellow

Dracula chimaera

Dracula chimaera

Dracula robledorum

Dracula vlad-tepes light

Dracula vlad-tepes

Dracula benedictii hubeinii

Dracula velutina microglossa
Discussion plants

Dracula fafnir

Dracula leonum = Dracula erythrochaete

Dracula nigritella = Dracula anthracina

Dracula trinympharum

Dracula vierlingii =
Dracula marsupialis

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