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            This document is a collection of articles and descriptions
            on the genus Dracula (C.A. Luer 1922-2019).

            In 1990 I started to collect Dracula species and natural

            In 1978 Carlyle A. Luer transfered 51 Masdevallia species
            to  the  new  genus  Dracula.  For  more  information  see:
            Icones Pleurothallidinarum X, Systematics of Dracula.

            In the last years however a lot of new species and na-
            tural hybrids of the genus Dracula were found and they
            weren’t all described by Carlyle A. Luer.

            Here I will try to give a total view of all Dracula species
            which are described at this moment.
            Most recent information is to be found on:


            Helmond, june 2016
            Herman ter Borch, update november 2019

            all pictures: Herman ter Borch

         Picture of frontpage:                                                 In honer of Carlyle (Carl) August. Luer,
         Dracula terborchii Luer & Hirtz (1999) ecu                            Dracula carluerii (J. Hermans & P.J. Cribb)
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